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Asset inspection by drone is now a reality in NZ

Unmanned aerial inspections

Asset Insight is New Zealand’s pre-eminent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) asset inspection service. Our experienced team of pilots and inspectors use customised drones for on-site inspections throughout New Zealand. Images and data gathered during inspections are delivered in detailed reports. Asset Insight’s services are targeted towards utility, council, government, military, transport and property management.

Proven systems and safety

A subsidiary of TPT Group, Asset Insight operates under a 102 certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. We have considerable experience with UAVs and have proven systems for their safe and efficient operation. Our inspection system has been developed to reduce the cost and improve the accuracy of physical asset monitoring, especially when assets are in hard-to-reach and remote places.

Improve your asset inspection

A growing number of utility and infrastructure organisations throughout the world are using drones for asset inspection, and now the service is available in New Zealand through Asset Insight. Compared to traditional inspection services, our unmanned aerial inspections offer safety, efficiency and data quality advantages. Cost reductions are also possible, because inspecting assets manually is time consuming, labour intensive and often requires expensive equipment to achieve results safely.

UAV inspections are useful for identifying maintenance issues and risks, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Energy/heat loss
  • Cracking
  • Shifting
  • Impact damage
  • Degradation of surfaces
  • Weed and algae encroachment
  • Operational failure

Asset mapping and modelling

Alongside our inspection service, Asset Insight offers a range of 3D modelling and mapping services. We use aerial imagery to create geo-referenced maps and models that can be used to obtain a wide range of high-resolution images and models, enabling accurate calculation of areas and volumes of objects. Image data can also be imported into digital drawing programmes to quickly render an ‘as-built’ plan.

Modelling and mapping services include:

  • Point Cloud
  • Digital surface model
  • Orthomosaic (HD composite image)

Reliable information delivered in a useful format

Our cloud based inspection management software streamlines the process of planning, inspecting and managing the information we gather. The results of an inspection can be presented in a variety of formats to assist managers and decision makers.

Outcomes can include:

  • Raw HD photography and video (entire flight or selected highlights)
  • Marked up imagery (indicating specific anomalies)
  • Thermal imagery
  • Point Cloud, DSM and Orthomosaic in a format to suit the application
  • Anomaly identification (all identified anomalies categorised)
  • Written reports with narrative and specifications support police or enforcement activity.

Highly trained team

Our pilots and inspectors are flying on your behalf, so we make certain they are appropriately trained to capture the correct data. Alternatively, your company inspectors can work alongside our pilots to collect the information you require.

In addition to their UAV flying abilities, our pilots are adept at photography and 3D modelling. We will work closely with you to ensure our aerial inspection service captures the images and data you require. We also ensure all UAV activity is conducted in accordance with site safety requirements.

Asset Insight UAV inspection process

  • We prescribe the inspection process - tasks to be carried out, data to be collected
  • Inspections are scheduled to fit in with safety and operational requirements
  • Inspection is carried out according to schedule and weather conditions
  • Video and image capture is recorded
  • Data integrity is checked
  • Raw data and reports are created and made available through the Asset Insight online reporting portal